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08.03.09 - Pacific Roofing

Contracted by The Staley Concern to redesign an exsisting roofing company web site that was originally built through The Yellow Pages. All of the images used were of homes on the east coast. Not something you would see in CA. The new site fixed that problem with all new photos and a new design brings the site into the web2.0 era.

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08.04.09 - Static but working on it

Currently I have no blog so this infromation is static but that soon will change. When I was sketching out the site I really liked the idea of a blog section on this site. Now I just need to code it!

Over the years I have watched some designers go from mostly unknown to experts in their fields. Most of them started out writing blogs or tutorials that got there careers a good kick start after people started flooding to the site. more

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Traditional ways of doing business are being eclipsed by an interactive new era marked by significant technological advancement.

The time to merge a long history of best business practices with a promising new future has never been better. The Internet emerges as the perfect medium to do so by empowering company's to share knowledge, accelerate business processes, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and complete business transactions with customers, supplies and partners worldwide.

It helps businesses position themselves for success in the digital economy.